RD Punch with TiCN Coating

RD Punch with TiCN Coating
Item No204
Product NameRD Punch with TiCN Coating
CategoryHigh Performance Coating
Product TypeSheetmetal Tooling

  • We coat our punch with TiCN by PLATIT coating equipment which made by Switzerland, the color of TiCN coating is bluish-gray.
  • The hardness of tools with TiCN coating is 1800-4500Hv (The lowest hardness is more than HRC80.), the thickness of TiCN is 1цm~4цm.
  • The fiction factor of TiCN is 0.15~0.7, can reduce the friction force of punch between sheet and die, increase tools' life in 2~5 times, makes our tools' quality more stable.
  • TiCN coating is more expensive than TiN. It's is very good for punch(for edge cutting tool), standard punch hole, punch insert, countersink, emboss, sheetmarker, punch and shear, rolling rib, punch, punch insert etc.