TiN Coating of Trumpf Multi Tool

TiN Coating of Trumpf Multi Tool
Item No207
Product NameTiN Coating of Trumpf Multi Tool
CategoryHigh Performance Coating
Product TypeSheetmetal Tooling

  • We coat our punch with TiN by PLATIT coating equipment which made by Switzerland, the color of TiN coating is golden yellow.
  • Thickness of TiN coating is 1цm~6цm, can reduce the friction force of punch between sheet and die, increase tools' life in 2~6 times.
  • TiN is a basic coating, and moderate in price, the surface of tools is more sooth, very good for punching Al sheet, not easy to sticky the punch.  
  • TiN coating is cheaper than TiCN. You can choose TiN coating for countersink, emboss, sheetmarker, punch and shear, rolling rib, punch, punch insert etc.