Wheel Roller Rib Tooling

Wheel Roller Rib Tooling
Item No153
Product NameWheel Roller Rib Tooling
CategoryForm Tooling
Product TypeSheetmetal Tooling
  • The punch press must have the corresponding control programs.
  • Curve, circular arc and circle can be processed on the indexing station .
  • After processing without over-lapping or stamping mark  on sheet, upper and lower wheels can be changed.
  • High-speed forming equivalent to the moving speed of carriage.
  • The minimum turning radius is 40mm, depending on the width of the rolling wheels.
  • The machining range: thickness S.S. 0.8-1.5mm,S.P.C.C. 0.8-2.0mm,AL 0.8- 2.5mm; The forming height is 2-3 times of the material thickness, the forming width is 2 times of the forming height, and the max width.