Nibbling Process Strength Tooling

Nibbling Process Strength Tooling
Item No158
Product NameNibbling Process Strength Tooling
CategoryForm Tooling
Product TypeSheetmetal Tooling
  • The nibbling process strengthen emboss is divided into linear type and curved type.
  • Linear type punch step can be adjust according to the product's purpose. The suggest step is 0.5-1.0mm.
  • The  curved type will be limited by minimum arc when punching, min R can less than 2 times of sheet thickness.
  • The sheet will has slight mark of nibbling process  impress after processing, reduce nibbling spacing can relive impress.
  • Tools and sheet's  thickness are corresponding only,  sheet of different thickness need different size tools, otherwise the pre-ssing mark of nibbling process will be very clear.
  • Process sheet thickness:C.S. and Al 2.7mm, S.S. 2.3mm.
  • Forming place should keep proper space with punch hole, sheet edge and clamping.